Check out our swag! Below is a list of the gear and equipment we brought with us on our open-ended bicycle tour, which began in Uruguay in October 2016.

With our steeds fully loaded (using the “indestructible” Ortlieb panniers), each bike has a load capacity of approximately 100 liters — or 4 cubic feet.  So why so much gear and space?

  1. Our trip is open-ended. We wanted all-season gear that would stand-up to months (and maybe years) of constant use.
  2. In addition to biking, blogging and relaxing, we are prepared to hike and farm.
  3. It’s our first tour! Since we aren’t exactly sure what we are going to need (or want), we are (almost) certainly over-prepared in some aspects of our pack!

Bicycle Tour Gear List

Unless noted otherwise (* = shared item), all items are per person.

Bikes and on the Bike

surley-long-haul-trucker-bike ortlieb-panniers-full-set-per-person

Item Brand/Model Notes
Bike Surly / Long Haul Trucker 26″ wheels
Racks Surly / Nice Rack (front and rear)
Fenders Bontrager / NCS (front and rear)
Mini-Pump* Lezyne / Micro Floor Drive Attaches to frame
Water bottle cages Arundel / Looney Bin (2) x3
Panniers Ortlieb / Back-Roller Classic x4
Rack pack Ortlieb / Rack Pack Medium size
Handlebar Bag Ortlieb / Ultimate 6M Plus
Pedals Shimano / PD-A530
Saddle Brooks / B17 Plus Saddle Covers

Bike Accessories and Tools


Item Brand/Model Notes
Helmet Giro with MIPS (not pictured)
Water Bottles Klean Kanteen x1 (40 oz.); x1 (27 oz.)
Lights Reelight / SL100
Backup (/extra) lights Blackburn / 2’Fer
Bike Computer Suaoki
Mirror Bike Peddler / Take a Look Attaches to Helmet
Tire Lever* Pedros
Pedal wrench*
Multitool* Blackburn / Wayside Multi-Tool
Saddle tool* Brooks Came with purchase of saddle
Proofide Brooks
Spare spokes Surly Came with bike
Spoke wrench*
Extra tubes* Bontrager / 48mm x4
Patch Kit* Rema Tip Top / Repair Kit
Lock Abus / Granit Plus 640

Abus / 410 Ultra U-Lock
U-Lock and cable
Lube* to be purchased upon arrival
Degreaser* to be purchased upon arrival
Bike brush* Park Tool / Cog Brush
Power drill (electronic screwdriver)* Ryobi / 4V lithium ion screwdriver With battery charger and titanium drill head pieces
Tape* Gorilla / Duct Tape
Rags / Buffs* Merrell
Bungee Cords



Item Brand/Model Notes
Tent* Hilleberg / Nano 3GT + Footprint
Sleeping bag Western Mountaineering / TerraLite
Sleeping mat Therm-a-rest / NeoAir XTherm
Pillow NEMO / Fillo Backpacking Pillow
Daypack New Outlander
Foldable, waterproof



Item Brand/Model Notes
Water Bottles Klean Kanteen x1 (40 oz.); x1 (27 oz.)
Stove* MSR / Dragonfly + empty Fuel Cannister
Cookware (Pot + Pan)* Snow peak / Trek 1400 Titanium
Mug Snow peak / Single 450 Titanium
Bowl Sea to Summit / X-Bowl Collapsible
Cup Sea to Summit / X-Cup Collapsible
Cutlery (spork + knife) Sea to Summit / Alpha Light (two-piece)
Large spoon*
Knife* From mum’s kitchen + homemade sheath
Water Filtration System* LifeStraw / Mission
Water Filtration System* Sawyer / Mini Water Filtration System
Water Purification Chemicals* Aquamira / Water Treatment Chlorine Dioxide
Kitchen Sink (foldable bucket)* Sea to Summit / Kitchen Sink Collapsible, 10L
Coffee/Tea Filter* MSR / MugMate
1 oz. container (x2)* Nalgene x1 salt-and-pepper
x1 rosemary-and-thyme
Dish soap* Reusable plastic-squeezable container
Dish brush* MSR
Dish towel / micro-fiber travel towel This was included with the purchase of Cat’s towel.



Item Brand/Model Notes
Solar panel* Voltaic / Fuse 10W Comes with battery, adapters and case. Purchased additional MacBook adapter and AA/AAA battery adapter.
Laptop Macbook (+ 1 mouse)
E-reader* Kindle
Smart Phones iPhone
GPS* Garmin
Cameras Nikon DSLR and Olympus TG-4 Batteries, memory cards, chargers and x2 lenses for DSLR
Extra Nikon Batteries* Wasabi x2;  includes Dual USB charger
Tripod* Feisol / CT-3342 (+carrying case)
Ballhead* Sirui / K10X
Chargers* USB, mini-USB, Apple, etc Consolidated where possible.
Go-Pro* Go-Pro / Hero4
Headphones Oppo PM-3, Apple
Batteries* AA and AAA (rechargable)
Flashlight Duracell

Clothes (Cat)


– Multipurpose, – Farming/Work, – Hanging Out, – Just Biking

Item Brand(s) / Style Qty / Notes
Underwear BalancedTech & SmartWool 5 pairs
Sport Bras UnderArmour; Nike; IceBreaker / Sprite 3
S/S Shirts Dryfit or Merino Wool
L/S Baselayer SmartWool / Midweight Zip 1
Leggings SmartWool / Midweight bottom; Lululemon / Speedtights 2
Running Shorts Nike; UnderArmour 2
Jacket Athleta / Down 1
Rain Jacket The North Face / Venture 1
Bike shorts Giordana / SilverLive 3 pairs
Convertible Pant The North Face / Paramount 2.0 1
Comfy Bra IceBreaker / Siren Merino 1
Swimsuit Reef; Love N Surf 1
Casual Shorts SmartWool / Sweetwater Ranch Short 1
Casual Shirt Ibex / OD Henley 1
Dress Mountain Hardware / DrySpun Maxi 1
Sweats The North Face / Aphrodite 1
Accessories & Shoes
Balaclava MJ Gear 1
Work Gloves Pine Tree Tools / Work Gloves 1
Bike Gloves Pearl Izumi / Escape Thermal Glove 1
Bike Shoes Pearl Izumi 1
Shoes Merrell 1
Shoes Crocs 1


Clothes (Kale)


Itemized list coming soonmaybe.

Toiletries and First Aid


Self-explanatory.  Prescriptions: Cipro.



Item Notes
Immunization “passports” Apparently, certain countries require proof of immunization upon entry.  We received these from the travel clinic where we received our yellow fever vaccine, prior to the trip.
Towel / micro-fiber travel towel;

REI Multitowel
Zip ties*
Map* Uruguay
Fanny Pack
Bag of plastic bags* Includes:
UGerm heavy duty 5” x 8” (8 mil) bags
Generic large “trash” bags
Pens, Sharpie*
Guitar strings and capo*
Hackey Sack*
Squeaky-toy Crocodile* Attaches to bike (included in Ortlieb order – free of charge!)