Up, down, asphalt to ripio… Here is where we’ve been.

Interactive Map

Select the window button on the top left of the map to hide/show map elements. Explore our route on the map or in the expandable left window. 🙂

Our cycling route is the black line. We took two trains in Argentina (skipping some pampas) and hitched a bit in Uruguay. Those lines are orange. We’ve also marked our accommodations and some restaurants/cafes we’ve enjoyed.

Some Background

We started our (unplanned) bicycle tour in Montevideo, Uruguay in October of 2016. Why did we decide to tour? Check out our first blog post, How We Got Here.

After spending a month in Montevideo, we hopped on our bikes and pedaled east, up and along the coast of Uruguay. There wasn’t really a plan; we wanted to take it slow and enjoy the peaceful balnearios. While enjoying the sunshine (and cervezas) in La Paloma, we decided to tackle Patagonia and the Carretera Austral. We headed back to Montevideo and across the Rio de la Plata to Argentina and then Chile.

The goal now? Ushuaia. Check out our blog for updates and stories of our adventures.