After postponing our departure twice (the first time due to Montevideo’s awesomeness and the second due to stormy weather), tomorrow morning we are loading up our steeds and heading east.

Our next destination is Punta Del Este (130km away).  We are a bit nervous – this will be our first “real” ride – i.e. the first time we’ve ridden with all our gear, electronics, kitchenware, tent, and guitar (yes, Kale couldn’t help himself and purchased a ¾ size nylon string).  Wish us luck 🙂

These past four weeks have been amazing.  The city is charming, the people warm, and the atmosphere calm, yet lively.  Below are a few photos (for more, check out our Montevideo Album).

Chau Montevideo!

Montevideo's only all-female candombe troop prepares.
Montevideo’s only all-female candombe troop prepares. Guy in the white shorts was not a member of the troop, nor a female.
Cat outside La Casa de Esquina – our home for the last month!
The locals in Montevideo are awesome.
The locals in Montevideo are awesome. This guy sells flowers (and dresses like one too).
Casual sidewalk tango.
Casual sidewalk tango. On one of Montevideo’s busiest streets, Avenida 18 de Julio.
Cat and the Rio de la Plata.
Cat and the Rio de la Plata.
Fertile soil = beautiful local produce
Candombe drums.
Candombe drums, ready for action.
Meat and cheese guy. A good guy to know.
A beautiful dinner party with some beautiful Uruguayos 🙂

Check out our Montevideo Album for more photos from our time in Uruguay’s capital.

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