We’ve been on the road for about a week now.


Here’s a snapshot of our journey, by the numbers…

Kilometers 193
Days on the Road 7
Flat Tires 🙁 2
Countries 1


Each day is a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs (both literally and emotionally). Despite the sore muscles, we are slowly becoming more comfortable on our steeds. We’ve each had a few slips (sand…grrrr) but nothing that resulted in more than a few scrapes and bruises. We’re also getting faster at setting up (and taking down) camp.

Since our last post, we…

Said goodbye to our Montevidean roommates (after spending the weekend with them in La Floresta)
One month, many meals, and countless laughs later, we said goodbye to Laura and Federico…for now.
Successfully camped.
Laundry day at Camp Kale & Cat.
Met new friends.
This is Marcelo aka El Capitan, from La Floresta. He is Federico’s uncle, a captain in the Uruguayan Navy, and makes one hell of a chivito.
Alice and Emeric are from Northern France and are traveling South America by van. The four-legged friend, Junia, is a former stray and lives at the AirBnB we all shared.

As we were leaving Punta Negra, Junia gave us a grand exit. She dutifully ran alongside us till the edge of town (about 2kms) – for a few minutes, we thought she would be joining us for the tour!

By the time we reached Maldonado, our bikes were in drastic need of some TLC. Fortunately, we stumbled upon a bike shop, Leonel Coussan Bicicleteria. They greeted us with a smile, some shade and some much needed WIFI – finally, they even gifted us the chain lube we were seeking!
Beached. A lot.



And, of course, watched a bunch of awesome birds.
Fork-tailed flycatcher
Neotropic cormorants
To be determined. For now, let’s go with carrot-beaked sandpiper.
Whistling heron
Southern lapwing (colloquially known here as “Tero”) – the national bird of Uruguay.
Neotropic cormorants (again).
Annnnnnd, uno mas Neotropic Cormorant.  They’re just so darn cool.


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  1. Really enjoyed your story and pictures! Weather looks so wonderful and so does the beach (miss Whidbey Island)! Thanks for sharing and stay safe!!

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